Multiple Product Images

Multiple Product ImagesWhy use Multiple Image Enlarging?

This is advanced e-commerce window-shopping, making your products more real to potential customers.

Multiple Image Enlarging from Your Store Addons lets you display your products in a variety of ways, and this is good because customers want choices when they shop. One complaint about shopping on-line is the lack of perspective, only being...

Enlarged Item Image Popup

Animated Image Popup (Click to Enlarge)Why include the click to enlarge feature?

Click to enlarge gives the customer a better and close-up look of your product details, different angles, color choices etc, while keeping the customer on the item page.

Customers interested in purchasing your products will surely want to get a good look at what they are purchasing before they check out. For this reason...

Advanced Pagination

Advanced PaginationWhat is the advantage of Advanced Dynamic Paging?

Long section pages are slow to load, and constant scrolling can make it difficult for customers to focus on specific products. Pagination automatically breaks up large sections into multiple pages by limiting the number of products able to be viewed on any given page which also improve the page load time.  With advanced pagination, pages always...

Advanced Search

Advanced SearchWhy use Advanced Search?

Your customers can customize their shopping experience to their liking. This makes for happy customers. Happy customers are more likely to buy!

If you operate a large store with many products, you want Advanced Search from Your Store Addons. Your customers can more quickly find what they seek in your store without having to navigate through endless sections and...

Quick Product View (Snap Shop)

Quick View Preview (Snap Shop)What is Quick Product View (Snap Shop) and what advantage does it give me?

Quick Product View (Snap shop) is implemented on your sub-section page. It allows your customers to view key product information in a pop-up window including: order information, product descriptions and multiple image views by hovering mouse over the product image from section page without leaving...