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Advanced Search

Advanced SearchWhy use Advanced Search?

Your customers can customize their shopping experience to their liking. This makes for happy customers. Happy customers are more likely to buy!

If you operate a large store with many products, you want Advanced Search from Your Store Addons. Your customers can more quickly find what they seek in your store without having to navigate through endless sections and subsections. This is a genuine problem for web sites with hundreds of products. Advanced Search solves it!

You can provide prearranged suggestions for refining your customers’ searches. This helps you guide them better as they search. Examples for narrowing searches include brand, category, item, number, size, color, etc.

Customers can see a group of products to compare that might not otherwise be grouped together in the store. For example, many customers shop by brand. Advanced Search by Your Store Addons can list every product made by a certain brand. Customers who know what they want can order directly from search results.

The outside data base used to generate search results is maintenance-free. It will synchronize with your Yahoo! Stores database through the XML feed of your store. Advanced Search is automatically updated as we improve our search algorithm.

Advanced Search from Your Store Addons allows your customers much more control over their shopping experience on your site. They can find exactly what they want more easily. And as we know, the customer is always right…