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Custom Contact Us Form (PHP)

Custom Contact Us Form (PHP)Why do I need a Contact/Request Form?

Get specific and direct questions from your customers.

Every business needs customer feedback, but we often receive information that is not necessarily pertinent to a specific product and this causes you to spend more time filtering through long emails to get see whether or not your customer has a question or just wants to send you a note for whatever reasons.

Save yourself time and provide better service by using a Custom Contact Form by Your Store Addons. With a customized form you’ll be able to cut down on the spam emails you’re receiving and will get precise information. You can keep your customers on point by having them choose the department or group they need information from.

A custom form also lets you gather detailed customer information such as name, phone number and order # without taking time to look them up. A user-friendly form may even reduce the number of phone calls you receive.

Every good business wants to see their customer comments. Custom Forms organize those comments to be the most helpful and least distracting. Save yourself time and improve your customer response time. A Custom Form makes it possible!