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Ajax based Add to Cart

Give your customer a great and quick shopping experience with Ajax Add to Cart offer by Your Store Addons. Customer can buy the multiple and singe products with single click without redirect to Yahoo!’s shopping cart. Customer will stay on same page while add the product to the cart. Generally when customer click on “Add to Cart” button it will redirect to Yahoo!’s shopping cart and again s/he needs to back to the store to buy another products which increase the clicks for customer and some time take time to do shopping.

We’ll change the way of shopping and customer will stay on same page and will notified about the product add to his cart with the total quantity and amount. This cart details will show on every page so customer doesn’t need to remember it.

There are two options available with this feature (1) Normal and (2) Advanced.

  1. Normal: Only add the product to cart without redirect to shopping cart and update the Mini Shopping cart details.
  2. Advanced: You can assign the separate cross selling items for each product. In this way customer can see the Related items after main products added to cart. Main benefit of this feature is to generate the cross selling of accessories items.

Example Store: http://www.idigitalcamerastore.com/can-4925b001.html

Ajax Based Add to Cart