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Custom Site Map

Custom Site MapWhy use a categorized site map?

Your web site should be easy for potential customers to navigate. Now, it is.

A categorized site map makes navigation easy, whether you have visited the store once, or many times.

The way Yahoo! displays your index page is friendlier to computers than to people. As a path for the search engine to find every page of your store it is great, but why not use your index page to its full potential?

Our categorized site map will organize your sections, sub sections, and products in a clean and organized manner, making each distinguishable from one another. Your sections will be listed in the order they appear on your navigation. Your subsections will be in the same order as they are listed on the section page, and finally the products will be listed alphabetically.

The result is one page which outlines the structure of your whole store and creates an improved form of navigation. This will provide an easy way to quickly jump around to different locations in your store whether you are a frequent visitor or not. Best, our Your Store Addons site map is accessible from every page.

The categorized site map is also good for search engine optimization. The site map gives the search engine a clear path to all items in your store from only one level off of the homepage. This means the spiders find your best features more easily, display them more prominently, and can help you attract new business to your web store. Our feature groups your sections together, so it shows the search engine that they are relevant to each other.