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Custom Styled Breadcrumbs

Custom Styled BreadcrumbsWhy is it vital to optimize your breadcrumbs?

Optimizing your breadcrumbs is key to successful search engine rankings. Customers have to know where they are, and search engines have to know where you are. Breadcrumbs help!

The original purpose for breadcrumbs was for their navigational attributes, but research shows that breadcrumbs are beneficial not only because they provide the alternate form of navigation, but also because they improve search engine rankings. Category, sub-category, and product names are normally filled with keywords. Because they are links and all-relating, we are using more keywords on the page. In addition, we are more closely linking the store’s pages together, making it easier for the search engines to index.

Proper naming of your pages is crucial to take full advantage of the benefits. You want to be sure that words you are using are words that clearly describe what is in each specific section. The words should tell what each item is, and spell out the search terms or phrases your customers will actually be using ( ex. Using Men’s Boxer Shorts rather than Men’s Under Shorts ).

Remember, not all customers coming from search engines land on your homepage first. In fact, most land on keyword rich item pages that match their search descriptions. Breadcrumbs can help customers get oriented to continue shopping on your site if they do not initially find what they are seeking.

Breadcrumbs provide an easy way for customers to back track when wandering between section and item pages. Quite often customers want to compare products within the same category. Breadcrumbs make it easy for them to do so without ever taking the mouse off the page.

Breadcrumbs serve two important functions. They improve your search engine rankings, and they make it easier for customers to navigate your site.