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Dynamic Title & Meta Tags

Dynamic Title & Meta TagsWhy are Dynamically Generated Title Tags important?

The title tag is the first thing a search engine sees. It is VERY important!

Search engines will rank you higher if your pages have unique content and title tags. Many search engines scan your pages looking for content beneficial to the person conducting the search. If a search engine reads that your pages contain large amounts of duplicate content you will lose position in the search engine rankings.

Dynamically Generated Title Tags by Your Store Addons contains a variable that can override the page title and replace it with more specific keywords. This means each page on your site will have unique content, title tags, keywords and descriptions. Search engines will scan your site and read that your site has much to offer and many unique pages. This improves your position on search engine rankings and makes it easier for potential customers to find your store.

Why are Dynamically Generated Keywords and Descriptions important?

General keywords and descriptions are no longer enough to increase your rankings on search engines.

Uniqueness is a key component of search engine rankings. Search engines will scan your pages looking for unique content on every page that will be useful and relevant to the search phase. If you have global or general keywords and descriptions, search engines will begin to ignore that information no matter how many keywords you have.

Dynamically Generated META Tags from Your Store Addons will scan your name, caption, label and abstract and create unique Keywords and Descriptions on every page. Your keywords and description tags will also contain the same keywords as you have in your content (Product, Name and Caption). When you have unique content, title tags, keywords and descriptions on every page search engines will scan your site and see that your site has greater variety and uniqueness. If you are easier to identify it can noticeably improve your ranking by search engines.