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Multiple Breadcrumbs

Multiple BreadcrumbsWhat is the advantage of multiple breadcrumbs?

Multiple breadcrumbs make it easier to shop in stores with more than one category.

Multiple breadcrumbs are similar to regular breadcrumbs, but they show multiple product paths. They are an advantage to customers because they show how additional paths in the store will lead a customer to the current page. This is beneficial when a customer landing on your page from the search engines is looking for a product made by a certain brand, but the product page the customer visits features the wrong product. The customer will see that the right product is in its own dedicated section, and can go there directly.

Multiple breadcrumbs provide the same crucial advantage as regular breadcrumbs concerning search engines. They also contain more keyword-rich links to related sections at the top of every page. This makes it easier for search engines and, ultimately, customers to find you.

If your product appears in too many sections to list, the number of paths to be shown can be limited with a simple variable.