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Product Description Tabs

Product Description TabsWhat will a Tabbed Product Info Table do to improve my store?

When a customer lands on your item page, it’s that crucial time for you to provide the customer EVERY reason why they should buy your product and spare no information if it assist you in selling.

For example: descriptions, ingredients, directions, size charts etc., are all important to include for a product but the more you add, the longer your item page gets. Consequently, this valuable information forces your customer to continue to scroll below the fold separating them from the most important button on the page, the add to cart button.

The purpose of the Tabbed Product Info Table is to allow you to populate tabbed fields on the item page so that your customers get all of that great information but stay above the fold as often as possible. You can label each tab based on your needs: Description | Ingredients | Size | Accessories, etc. Each tab is dynamic so if you don’t populate that tab, it won’t show up on the item page giving you flexibility and a consistent look.

Don’t let more information have an adverse effect on your sales. Instead, offer your customers better information with an easy to read format.