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Product Reviews

Product ReviewsYour customers should help do the selling?

Marketing Sherpa sites that 58% of online shoppers prefer sites with product reviews. We all do it. Before we buy something online we want to find a review about a product from a customer that used it before. Are your customers leaving your site to find a review somewhere else? This could cost you a valuable sale.

Let Your Store Addons help increase your conversions by installing this easy to use tool. Customer reviews are obtained two ways which are practically effortless for you as a store-owner: A review can be entered via your site, or your customer will receive an email after placing an order. You determine the amount of days before the email is generated. Your customer will then be prompted to provide a review of the item they’ve purchased. You have the ability to edit their content before it appears on your live site so your site’s integrity is always protected.

This serves two great needs to you; first, you’re gaining more customer feedback, second, you’re providing better customer service by asking your customer for the feedback.