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Random Testimonials

Random TestimonialsWhy should you randomly display testimonials from satisfied customers?

A good review of your company by a satisfied past customer can reassure potential future customers about your company and your services.

Testimonials are a great way to prove the quality of service your company provides. Some customers are wary of buying online so a good review of your store from satisfied customers may be the deciding factor.

Besides building customers confidence, this feature also keeps your homepage fresh between updates. People who frequent your store will know that you are dedicated to this service you are providing, because they’ll hear it from previous customers.

With this enhancement, you enter your customer testimonials into a page that we will create on your site, and each of these testimonials will then be randomly selected to appear in the location you specify on the homepage. This keeps the information fresh, and makes it more likely that potential customers will actually see the testimonials. If you would like them to appear on every page, we can incorporate this enhancement to appear above or below the navigation as well.

There is no bad place to find someone saying something nice about your site.