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Related Items on Product Page

Related Items on Product Page Why install Related Items?

Internal links provide other keywords on your site and help search engines identify you and your products.

The name of the game in e-commerce is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), making your site easy for search engines to find. Many important aspects of search engine optimization revolve around the quality of content on your pages. Related Items provides that quality content and also automatically connects you with excellent internal links rich with keywords.

Similar products are generally grouped together and share many of the same keywords in their names. When you dynamically place links to other products in the same category at the bottom of your page you will increase the number of relative keywords, and thus increase your search engine exposure. Related Items from Your Store Addons does this automatically.

Related Items is a good reminder of similar items and categories for shoppers, and it’s good for search engines. Ultimately, what’s good for your customers and good for search engines is good for you!