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You Save (% or Price Difference)

You Save (% or Price)How do you benefit from installing a You Save feature?

How much do I save? The question every customer asks themselves. Give customers the answers they seek–automatically!

The attraction of online shopping is obvious. Online stores can be profitable when they sell volume with low overhead. This allows them to sell their products below retail prices. Even when their pricing is the same as traditional brick and mortar stores, online stores also have the added flexibility to have frequent sales.

For this reason, it is common to display the retail price and compare it with your sale price. Some people cross out the retail price to avoid confusion, and then make the sale price red for effect.

By displaying the difference between the sale and retail price you are displaying how much your customers will save by ordering from you instead of paying retail. You can also feature comparative prices on the homepage to attract more attention to your most profitable items. And if you display an order button next to your comparative prices, you increase your chances for an instant sale.

Give your customers a better idea of how much you are cutting their costs. Your Store Addons allows you to display the regular price, the sale price, and the amount that they save all at once. Value is what your customers want, so satisfy them by clearly displaying it!