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Advanced Pagination

Advanced PaginationWhat is the advantage of Advanced Dynamic Paging?

Long section pages are slow to load, and constant scrolling can make it difficult for customers to focus on specific products. Pagination automatically breaks up large sections into multiple pages by limiting the number of products able to be viewed on any given page which also improve the page load time.  With advanced pagination, pages always load faster than without advanced pagination. This allows your customers to more easily focus on each product.  While it is a JavaScript based solution, it also allows the search engines to index your section page.

You can also keep all your displayed products above the fold to eliminate scrolling. This allows your customers to more easily jump through the pages using the forward/back buttons or by clicking the specific page number they would like to visit.

You can specify the way in which products are displayed on each section page. Choose from configurations where the name and price are below the product, to the side, wrap around the image, or appear as a list.

Default sorting allows you to display the products you would like them to buy first (your most profitable items in the section ). Sorting alphabetically will help the customer who knows exactly what they want find it more easily. Sorting by price will allow the bargain shopper and the person who wants the best to find what they are looking for more quickly.

Built in sorting features allows customers to customize the way they shop within your store based on their priorities. By default the sorting feature sorts by how the products are listed in your contents, alphabetically, or from highest to lowest/ lowest to highest as the customers see fit.

The sorting feature can be further customized to suit the needs of your customers. For instance, you may find it necessary to sort by size, color, brand, etc. Additionally, some sections may require certain types of sorting while others may not be applicable, so each method of sorting can be toggled on and off on a per section basis.

Advanced Dynamic Paging makes visiting your web site an easy experience. Shoppers like easy.

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